• Certification Approved?

All Furora LIGHTING's LED candles have met the CE, RoHS, and FCC quality certification.

  1. CE Verification: EU consumer safety, health and environmental requirements
  2. RoHS: Restriction of Hazardous Substances
  3. WEEE: Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment
  4. FCC: Federal Communications Commission
  • How long do your candles last?

Our Tea Lights, Votives and Signature Candle Set have up to 72 hrs light time, while our Tapers have up to 120 hrs light time. 

  • Remote controlled? 

We offer you Faux Dripping Window Tapers, Signature Candle Set (pillars only) with a useful remote control.

In addition, our Tea Lights, Votives and other Tapers (Glittery, Pure White ones) have easy operated ON/OFF slide switch.

  • What are your candles made from?

Our Signature Candle Set and Round Tea Lights are made from excellent Paraffin wax (real wax), while other Candles and Tapers are made from HI PS (HQ plastic).